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Message of the Turkish Ambassador

His Highness Mr. Mustafa Babür Hızlan Büyükelçi

His Highness Mr. Mustafa Babür Hızlan BüyükelçiI would like to congratulate the Turkish Department established in 1972 within NUML for teaching and spreading Turkish language successfully for 39 years. The Turkish Department with its certificate, diploma and masters programmes helps many Pakistani government officials and civilians to learn Turkish culture besides language.
I believe that the masters programme started in 2009-2010 academic year provides a higher level of education and an opportunity to raise future Turkish language teachers for Pakistan. The number of students enrolled at both under graduate and masters programmes is increasing every year. We are proud to see that this number has reached the highest level in 2010-2011 academic year.
Turkey and Pakistan enjoy a long standing strategic partnership. This is not based on interests but rather on very warm feelings of love and affection between the peoples of the two brotherly countries. People-to-people relations have always had a prominent effect on our state level relations. Knowing each other’s language helps to strengthen the bond between the two countries’ people. We have to continue this tradition and pass the torch to the younger generations. I firmly believe that the graduates of this department will carry this bond to a higher level.

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